Work For You

We are absolutely pleased to do so!
All it takes is informing us, we send you a form to understand your needs and then our terms.
Hopefully, we would come to some agreements.

The best part is that we are now open for business since Sept 29, 2019.
So, get us busy!

First Step to work for you
Fill this form. It is free!

Second Step
We would reach you to clarify some of the details you shared on the form. After which, we would share our price calculator with you. It is automated and you can pick a very customized request that dances within the confines of your budget. Please note, that this form attracts N2,000 submission fee and repeat customers gets an automatic rebate of N3000 (you will note it in the final calculations). All monies are in Nigerian Naira.

Third Step
We get started with your work! You will receive the first draft of your work and be satisfied with the framework before you make actual payment for the service (which can be in part (70%)). We strive to finish up within the timeframe we approve for you and ....

Fourth Step
We send you a demo of your final work if you are yet to finish payment and then the final once you complete your payment. But if you had paid all at once from the start. You get your final product straight up!

There would be a testimonial form, we had like you to fill after you get your product. It is to help others like you consider us for similar projects.

See some of the testimonials we have gathered here already!