About Us

The hatching egg...

Mission Statement

To use art to disseminate informative, educative and entertaining products and services across different spheres of life, promoting and replicating continuity through people connected by art.

Vision Statement

To be relevant enough to represent Africans' interest in performing, traditional and contemporary arts with a global impact in problem solving using arts.


BusyBissy Media Productions (BBMP) is a startup media company with over 30 years of preparations. That may seem like a lot of time to prepare but the best and lasting things take time to cook up they say, and we are not an exception.
With a global community in view, BBMP attempts to address the needs for expression and that of clear-cut communication resulting in better business successes, academic excellence, social growth and much more using artistic skills.
This is expressed through three strong subsidiaries under this body that functions independently yet in unison, caring for  live and recorded performing arts (stage & films), traditional arts (writing, drawing, the lots) and contemporary arts (animated productions across genres), meeting these needs of our time in unarguably unique and appreciable ways.

We are currently located in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

To contact us for inquiries, affiliations, partnerships etc, please use the contact page.