Meet the Subsidiaries

Each of our subsidiaries when full activated, complements each other and offer independent services to the public.

BusyBissy Animation Studios

This is our first focal subsidiary managing all forms of contemporary arts crafted into 2D and 3D animations. It has been launched and is been structured presently.

BusyBissy Arts Theatre House (The BATHouse)

The arm that cares for our live and recorded performance needs across voice talents, acting, dance and music. It is presently not fully launched as only the voice pool is activated for now.

BusyBissy Magic Fingers (BBMF)

This had been functional since 2013 at a less structured and driven tempo. The intent is to revive it as a safe hub for traditional artists including fine artists, writers, sculptors, poets etc. It is presently not activated.

You can now order some of our services.