7 Treasured Japanese Art Works

Country in Focus: Japan

A good start is reviewing the subject of animals in Japanese art, real or imaginary. There are seven works being designated as important cultural property by the Japanese goverment and rarely leaves their country. We equally find them captivating. These registered artworks are:

  1. Monju Bosatsu Seated on a Lion, with Standing Attendants (1273) by the Buddhist sculptor Koen
  2. The carved wood sculpture Aged Monkey(1893) by Takamura Koun

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  4. The footed bowl with applied crabs (19th century) by Miyagawa Kozan I.

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  6. A hanging scroll, Sword with Kurikara Dragon and Two Child Acolytes (13th century)

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  8. A Buddhist hanging scroll, Fugen Enmei (13th century).

  9. The wood sculpture, Fugen’s Elephant (13th century)

  10. The bronze Deer Bearing Symbols of the Kasuga Deities(14th century).

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People made all these. Isn't art divine? Art Rocks!


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