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Art defined using African style.

BusyBissy Arts Theatre House

Using performing arts to resolve and offer solutions.

BusyBissy Animation Studios

2D and 3D animations from an African perspective now available.

BusyBissy Magic Fingers

All traditional artists find expression here. Soon, we would launch this.

BusyBissy Crew Signup.

We are training and recruiting presently at our animation studios. Watch the video by clicking here or visit the recruitment site by clicking the name above.

BusyBissy Crew Signup.

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Our Response to Covid 19 Pandemic (video)

It is sad but it is also a time to reflect. The world is brought to a stand still by the present corona-virus pandemic and it has by itself shut our borders, even that of those built with metal and strong blocks.

What BusyBissy says...

Well, we say to this unwanted global interruption, "You will come only to go quickly". We pray that the casualties be the least of all the pandemics in history and while this phase is passing through, here is our message to you... As Covid 19 is calling, you should respond in one way and one way only... find out how, in our animated video to support you at a trying time like this.

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We can beat this. God help us all.

To protect yourselves and family, follow the guidance of WHO as shared in the image below.