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When it comes to African, especially Nigerian entertainment, art and culture. This will become one of the best places to seek them out.
Welcome to the BusyBissy headquarters where we navigate our numerous value offerings through a few subsidiaries.

Here, we showcase the activities and happenings of our three main subsidiaries and it is a lot easier to get quick general information about possible job openings, products, events etc across board right here.

Our three (3) subsidiaries are:
To see any of them in the fullest of their capacity, please visit their individual websites through their names on the Meet  The Subsidiaries Menu or click any of them here to access it quickly.

So, be it BBA Studios, BAT House or BBM Fingers, they are all the construction blocks of who BusyBissy Media Productions is.
However, this site in itself offers so much more and you should find details in the next post.

Feel free to look around, interact and definitely reach us through our contact page if you have even the flimsiest reason to.